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We have worked in the area since 1967, when Puerto Francisco de Orellana or as it more commonly known as "Coca", was only accessible by boat. Since there were no roads, all food and equipment was transported by boat from Misahualli to Nuevo Rocafuerte, near the Peruvian border. Back then, the travelers would leave Misahualli before sunrise and in a day, get as far as Coca. Our town turned into a place where travelers would stop and rest before continuing their journey down the Napo River. 
Originally, travelers would stay in the homes of indigenous people or colonists, so we saw the need to build lodging for travelers. Since 1971, we have been working hard to try and provide the best of services. As a result in 2002, we jointly created a adventure tourism department along with different native ethnic groups, with the aim of providing responsible and sustainable tourism.

We specialize

In Amazonian tour of in Full Day and Multi-Day Amazonian Tours, in addition to specialized Amazonian tours

  • Amazon dolphin tours

  • Jaguar Expeditions 

  • Waorani Territory Culture

Amazon Wildlife Tours company legally constituted

Amazon Wildlife Tours is located in the City of Coca in Francisco de Orellana, a tourism company with the permits granted by the Ecuadorian authorities.

  • Ministry of Tourism of the Government of Ecuador

  • Local Governments of the City of Coca

  • Government Environment Ministry

  • Government Revenue and Tax Service

  • Superintendency of Companies of Ecuador

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