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War conflicts, weather like hurricanes, cancellation of international flights.- Cancellations due to war conflicts that occur in your place of origin or in secondary countries in transit due to cancellation of international flights must purchase exclusive travel insurance for these events.

This payment is refundable and you can make or allow changes to your travel dates at no additional cost, read the conditions that apply

In all our trips to the Amazon of Ecuador, we have taken the health of our guests very seriously in transportation, food, accommodation and activities in the jungle and with much more reason at the moment we are going through the situation of COVID- 19, all our service personnel are previously regulated and analyzed by the local authorities of the health entities of the government of Ecuador

The following will allow our clients to become familiar with our company's payment policy and the conditions that apply to all of our travel destinations. When the client accepts our tour, he also accepts the terms and conditions written here. Please note that prices may change in relation to the number of days and / or the number of people during your tour. Once both parties agree to the terms of the tour and the price, we will proceed with our payment options.

Please note that we are not responsible for weather conditions, mechanical problems, travel delays (number of days), river conditions, etc., during your trip. Time is viewed differently in developing countries and your patience would be greatly appreciated. If we run into problems along the river, our "No Refund" policy will be upheld. For much of the duration of these trips you will be without basic services, especially while camping or spending the night with an indigenous family. Keep in mind that you will always have clean water for you during your trip. Make sure you have personal medications with you, if you need them.



Customers are responsible for ensuring that they are in good health for the chosen tour. It is important that a client with any medical problem let us know before departure, including allergies. Our tour guide / leader reserves the right to ask any client to withdraw from a tour, if he or she believes that the client is unable to do the tour or that the client's continued participation will adversely affect that client or the accompanying customers. No refund is paid in these circumstances.

The client must purchase traveler insurance since Amazon Wildlife Tours is not responsible or jointly responsible for expenses in these circumstances, however, it is our responsibility to provide the facilities of transfers and assistance according to our limited capacities in all cases, whether due to natural or natural disasters. Health

Our tours can take place in remote areas where there is little or no access to normal medical services or hospital facilities. When necessary, evacuation can be difficult and expensive. These expenses are the responsibility of the client.

Of the tours offered and detailed in our information on the website or that has been exclusively designed for our guests, in the case of making changes Amazon Wildlife Tour Ecuador reserves the right to make changes without prior notice for the following reason


  • That the destination offered has closed access to activities and tours

  • Due to interruptions or cuts along the way, either by road or waterway

  • The destinations offered in the Amazon of Ecuador represent fragility because it is the area of indigenous communities and that access is prevented for any health reason or also due to tribal disputes


Amazon Wildlife tours Ecuador reserves the right to cancel any tour before departure if we consider it necessary, in which case, participants will receive a full refund minus 15%. If you decide to shorten the duration of your trip due to bad weather, illness, etc., please note that there is no refund.

Our company cannot assume responsibility for missed international flights in the event that your return to Coca or any destination is delayed. Expect the unexpected!!!


  2. OF REFUNDS - POST COVID 2020​​A .-




Option 1: We accept payments by credit card Visa, MasterCard and American Express through by Paypal or also through by company of credit card with payment buttons or invoice created for you or for each of the participants separately o or also for the leader of the group

Option 2: Bank order transfer through our Bank of America account located in the United States of America. The bank fee is from $ 30.00 to 40.00 US. Total commission is $ 75.00 to 80.00 US bank account details.

Option 3: Bank transfer wire transfer through our "Banco Internacional" account, located in South America, Ecuador, the bank commission is from $ 30.00 to 40.00 US. The total commission is from $ 75.00 to 80.00 Ecuador bank account data in South America

 DEPOSITS.- We require 50% down payment should the client decide to reserve a trip in advance. The remainder of the trip may be paid by credit card or bank transfer. This must be completed 30 days before the trip begins. Should the client prefer to pay by cash, the final balance may be paid upon arrival in Coca.



100% REFUND: a 100% refund will be issued whenever our customers request it these 5 days before the trip begins, however, we will not refund 15% of the total value of the trip, it also applies in the case that the customer request a refund at any time this means that the same time of completing the payment will apply - 15% minus (total refund 85%)

50% REFUND: A 50% refund will be issued whenever our clients request it 3 days or less before the trip begins.

00% REFUND: our "No Refund" made through the policy, started the journey, the money is non-refundable

In all three cases, no fee will be refunded to both the issuing bank of your country of origin and the recipient either in the United States of America or at the Bank of Ecuador in South America, in the same way it applies to cards Credit cards are not returned 6% commission cards by paypal and by stripe




For air tickets issued and provided by Amazon Wildlife Tours, they will not be reimbursed, as well as the value of the tickets by public bus or private transport since these policies are considered by land and air companies.






  1. Estimated time it will take to return 60 days from the request for return to your credit card account

  2. A virtual card with the necessary funds and covering the amount of the refund will be sent to your email, which is registered at the time the payment was made

  3. Virtual card for customers from Europe, the Netherlands, and other countries

  4. Plastic card for customers from the United States and Canada, to the address entered when completing the payment

  5. Capture of Check for United States and Canada only

  6. Virtual or plastic cards will be sent, with the authorization of the cardholder who completed the payment, to each participant in the tour or also to third parties who are not included in the tour, you can endorse to any person. 

  7. For bank refunds we could also apply although many times it is not feasible

  8. All refunds to virtual or plastic cards, bank transfers or checks can be sent in monthly installments, not necessarily the total in a single shipment or in a single installment









  1.  If you decide to shorten the duration of your trip due to rainy weather, or your health is compromised, etc. Please note that there is no refund.

  2. In the event that in your opinion the chosen trip does not meet your expectations

  3. For psychological reasons to board a motorized canoe

  4. Your due behavior must be friendly with the group, in the event that your behavior is an unpleasant influence, you will be asked to leave the tour by separating from the group and stay in the Lodging until the tour is finished and then you are transferred back to Coca 

  5. Behavior due to the consumption of alcohol, drugs and other consumption methods that affect the tranquility of those accompanying the tour.

  6. The symptom of fever, cough, flu will be a reason for separation from the group without restitution of the activities offered, you must wait for the group to finish its trip








  1. In the event of the closure from one moment to another of the airports in your country of origin or Ecuador, which in this case is the country of your destination, 94% will be reimbursed

  2. In the event that your country of origin implements a travel ban to Ecuador, we will be sent the link to the web address of the authority of your country, which will be subjected to the corresponding verifications, and 94% will be reimbursed

  3. In the case of events such as earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, or other similar event in your country that prevent you from making the trip to Ecuador then we will reimburse 94%

  4. In the event that you are already in Ecuador, our non-refund policies will apply with the corresponding discounts from 50% to 00% of refunds,

  5. All, Conditions of Force Majeure/Forced Circumstances , 94% refund applies

RECOMMENDED. -It is recommended to hire a traveler follower who will cover our travel policies and the conditions that apply to our non-refundable value conditions

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